Department for Religious Education

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Judy Kirk, MSEd., Director of the Department for Religious Education and RCIA
Christopher Chapman, MA, Director of the Office for PreK-12 Catechesis
Patricia Kammersell, Secretary
Christine Radcliffe, Secretary
Annette Wright, Administrative Assistant
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Diocese of Pittsburgh Pastoral Center:

111 Boulevard of the Allies
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412-456-3112
Fax: 412-456-3113



  Welcome to our website! 

The Department for  Religious under the   Secretariat for Evangelization and Catholic Education, assists our bishop in proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God. 

Our mission is to put adults, children and youth "in communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ"     by educating, evangelizing and empowering them through lifelong learning. 

"With God's grace,  catechesis develops initial faith, nourishes the Christian life, and continually unfolds the mystery of Christ until the believer willingly becomes his disciple" (NDC 19-A).

Judy Kirk, MRE

Director, Department for Religious Education

Phone: 412-456-3112

                      QUOTES FROM POPE FRANCIS  

On the lips of the catechist the first proclamation must ring out over and over: "Jesus Christ loves you; he gave his life to save you; and now he is living at your side every day to enlighten, strengthen and free you...nothing is more solid, profound, secure, meaningful and wisdom-filled than that initial proclamation." __Evangelii Gaudium


"Every form of catechesis would do well to attend to the 'way of beauty.'  Proclaiming Christ means showing that to believe in and to follow him is not only something right and true, but also something beautiful, capable of filling life with new splendor and profound joy, even in the midst of difficulties.  Every expression of true beauty can thus be acknowledged as a path leading to an encounter with the Lord Jesus.  (This is) a renewed esteem for beauty as a means of touching the human heart and enabling the truth and goodness of the Risen Christ to radiate within it. __Evangelii Gaudium

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2015 Catechetical Theme

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"Safeguarding the Dignity of Every Human Person"


 Our Mission

The Department for Religious Education is a collaborative community of faith commissioned to serve the mission of the Diocese of Pittsburgh and authorized by the Bishop to give direction to the catechetical ministry of this local church.
The Department provides assistance and support to parish leaders and calls them to accountability for their responsibility for catechetical ministry.
Faithful to the Church’s catechetical documents, the Department develops services, resources, and leadership which enable all persons to come to know Jesus Christ and to grow in the Christian life of sharing the faith tradition of the Catholic Church.

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Please note:     ALL inquiries and questions welcome! 

Feel free to contact the Office for Cultural Diversity and Persons with Disabilities regarding Pastoral Ministry for Persons with different needs, ASL Interpreters, and Parish Advocates for Persons with disabilities by calling 412-456-3170, TTY Number 412-456-3122, or e-mailing

For educational needs, sacramental preparation, or learning resources for children and adults with learning needs, please contact the Office for Faith Formation in the Religious Education Department by calling 412-456-3160, or e-mail